Gladiator / Paladin Guide

Gladiator (GLA) starts in Ul’Dah and make sure of swords and shields. His/her goal to survive high amounts of damage and keep enemies away from party members. At level 30, Gladiator can progress to the Paladin (PLD) job (requires Level 15 Conjurer).


Paladin is one of two tanks in the game along with Warrior. Paladin focuses on damage reduction / mitigation while warrior replies on HP and damage. Due to the superior resource management and simply playing style, Paladin is normally served as Main Tank in a full party. It is important to know that Paladin is not about damage as his/her goal to manage the enemies through enmity generation. In certain degree, Paladin’s DPS is comparable to Conjurer only.

Gladiator/Paladin Skills

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